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10 questions with drxcoduke

angelica yeleshwarapu

The upcoming artist on foreign parents, inspirations, and staying true to self.

"Not being able to tell my parents about my music was a pill I knew I had to swallow at the very beginning of my music career," says Andy, "but once I realized I create for myself and nobody else, my life changed dramatically."

The 18-year-old artist is unapologetic and high-spirited. Today, as he begins his first year at a Texas college, I ask him candid questions about his passion in music and how he found his way.

1. How would you describe your personality?

I have a very bubbly personality in the sense that I am always having fun and trying to connect with people. I love to make people laugh. Seeing another person's smile on their face always brightens my day!

2. What inspires your music?

One of my biggest inspirations would have to be Lucki, a unique artist who uses his real life experiences to fuel his work. Lucki uses unique metaphors that symbolize what he has been through, and I find that beautiful. He taught me to rap about more than just clout/money. I would like to believe that my music, like his, is about genuine experiences and emotions that create a connection between the artist and his listeners.

3. What role does music play in your life?

Music plays a HUGE role in my life. I listen to music throughout the day regardless of where I am or what I am doing because it always seems to brighten my overall mood! Music saved me from a very dark point in my life and continues to keep me in a positive place mentally.

4. Do you feel lonely when surrounded by family?

I do feel lonely around my family a lot. I feel like I have always been the bad one out of the bunch because my parents viewed me that way. This feeling makes me feel isolated from my other siblings sometimes. I always felt like when my parents would talk to me that it was about something negative that I did. This messed with my mental state quite a bit.

5. Does music help you as a release for your mental health?

Music does help my mental state a lot. whenever I am feeling down or some type of way, I can always write. Not to make a banger or anything, but to just let my emotions mix with my creativity and to see what I can create!

6. Do you prefer the outcome or the process?

I love both actually! Creating is something I absolutely love to do because I have the power to actualize my feelings and thoughts into something as amazing as a song. I also love the feeling of making something that I can be proud of. When I see the outcome of my hard work, it is the final exclamation mark to the process I have just invested so much time and energy into.

7. Why did you start making music?

I started creating music because of how much I enjoyed listening to it. The thought of making my own track interested me greatly. I started out solely for fun but began to grow my love for it more and more. Now I love to create and see myself grow as an artist.

8. What’s one piece of advice you’d give youth struggling to execute their passions?

Never give up on yourself regardless of who does or does not have faith in you. Hard work trumps hate, keep improving your craft and everything else will follow.

9. To what extent have you communicated your passions with your parents? Music or other

My parents have no idea what I do regarding my creative work. Coming from a Nigerian household, we are told that anything that we love that is not under the basic career options like engineer or doctor is a useless interest. They have no idea about my love for creating and I really do not know how they would react if they found out.

10. If there was one thing you could tell your parents, but haven’t already, what would it be?

Affection is not a crime and its okay to tell your children how proud you are of them. Those simple words will make them feel pride and ultimately boost their self esteem.

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